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New offering:
New Earth Lightweavers Course (in spiritual development)
For those that are ready to take the next step in their personal evolution into more grace, more peace, more truth, more harmony, more balance, more bliss and more self love.
Intuitively taught according to the needs of the group, students will  receive transformation waves, receive guided meditations into the quantum realms of manifesting, and practice one on one with other students in the hands-on approach to transformative healing.  In addition, this coursework is designed to teach the student to be the teacher after completion of the course. Receiving personal sessions are part of the course requirement.
Upon completion of the course, recipients will receive Fellowship Of Lightweavers ordination as an ordained minister and certified spiritual healer.
The 1st one year course startsJanuary 2013 and ends December 2013.
The 2nd one year course begins January 2014 and ends December 12, 2014
Tuition $3597 prepaid or quarterly payments
1st Month: Basics and foundational work for holding energy and sacred space. Opening your channels for Grace.
2nd Month: Receiving Light and Sound through your spiritual centers.
3rd Month: Achetypes and the healing of duality within the mind.
4th Month: Collapsing old, historical lineage patterns and genetic coding.
5th Month: Building a strong prayer and meditative practice.
6th Month: Self Esteem, personal power, suurender and releasing the judgmental mind.
7th Month: Hands on techniques for healing stress, pain and trauma from the biology of the nervous system.
8th Month: Process of personal ascension, resurrection, transformation and illumination.
9th Month: Building strength, courage, stamina, focus and endurance.
10th Month: Intuition, Telepathy, Clairvoyance and Inner Knowing.
11th Month: Christos energy, and alignment with the Light Realms.
12th Month: Integration and the power of expression.
FOL Ordination TBA
1-2 day trainings held once or twice each month
We are looking for venue to hold the trainings in the Seattle area
Introductory meetings (free): Location and Dates TBA
Contact Kenji if you are interested 425-337-3354 or kenjikumara@yahoo.com
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