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Please take a few moments to breath in and absorb the images and photos on the pages you browse. I invite you, the viewer, to take in the energies from the site into your heart space and feel if this work is for you.

The call has gone out to my soul group to complete our life mission here on Earth from a grander and vaster viewpoint - the Quantum!

A little about myself -

Kenji Kumara, a 66 year old Japanese-American, born in Berkeley, CA has always been sort of a rebel, a wanderer and somewhat eccentric in his early years of seeking the Path and finding his niche in society, spiritually speaking.

He has been the questioner, a seeker of truth, the one who wanders from place to place, seeking out the teachers, the yogis, the swamis, healers, the psychics, the channelers, the seminar leaders – the 30 or so teachers he has studied with since 1969, his first year in college at Cabrillo Junior College in Aptos,

CA. Kenji wandered for the better part of 31 years. After being homeless for 6 months in 2000, he went to Mt Shasta, CA to either make his transition (by the mountain) or get this act together. After getting bed bugs in a hostel there, he found a place to live for 2 years before moving to the Seattle area cold turkey.

During his years of wandering and searching for the truth to Life and Being, he met and studied with some remarkable ahead-of-their- times teachers in the alternative healing arts: religion, course in miracles, herbology, essential oils, body work, energy work, spiritual psycho-therapeutics, psychology, education, alternative and complimentary energy medicine, medical hypnotherapy, channeling, psychic studies, meditation and the seminar business.

In spite of all these initiations and empowerments, As the seeker and questioner, Kenji found out how not to do things, in addition to what worked for him. He honed his inherent skills and talents during his 40+ years of studying and practicing. Kenji felt un-satisfied until he immersed himself in the study of quantum theory and application.

From there, he gained confidence to build his own practice and business called Quantum Lightweaving® in January 2007. Since then, he has traveled to teach and share the work in greater scope and detail. Kenji wants to build and manage a spiritually-based retreat and training center where world leaders and people of influence can gather to learn quantum awareness so they can bring that knowledge back to their home bases and countries or origin.

He believes Quantum Lightweaving is one of the keys that can unlock human and divine potential in this new age of transition and rebirth. He wants to bring the New Earth understanding to humanity: the quantum kids and the leading edge scientists, artists, writers, actors, doctors and leaders of the world.

His motto: 

Live by the Golden Rule (Christ teaching)

Remember the Reiki precepts

Give gratitude whenever possible

Remember the Law of One (from his Egyptian lifetimes)

Listen, meditate and wait for the right time to act (Buddha’s teaching)

Be at peace as best you can

Share your best knowledge

Give your very best in every action and deed

The Kingdom of Heaven is within

Love the kids and animals

Bring out the best in others

See everyone and everything as they truly are

Stay connected with Mother Nature

Know you have done the best you could

Empower others

Stay true to yourself


Kenji’s credentials include masters in early childhood education, bachelors in psychology, experimential masters in para-psychology, teaching credentials in early childhood/multiple subjects/art therapy, medical hypnotherapy and tons of certifications in the energy medicine field since 1972. He is a registered counselor and hypnotherapist in WA state since 2005.

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